​Why We Hate 

Showrunner, Executive Producer 

Jigsaw Productions | Discovery

This six-hour special event series from Alex Gibney & Steven Spielberg traces the origins of hatred and its powerful impact on individuals and societies. Told through verité stories shot around the world, cutting-edge journalism, historical investigation, and research in psychology, biology, and neuroscience.

Dirs: Sam Pollard & Geeta Gandbhir.

Border Wars

Series Producer | Producer, Writer

​National Geographic Television

For U.S. Customs and Border Protection, safeguarding our nation means intercepting an unending flow of illegal immigrants, narcotics, money and weapons. 

The Secret Life of Money

Director, Producer, Writer

Partisan Pictures | Discovery Channel

Explores the life cycle of American cash and how it’s made, moved, and protected. Examining the philosophical side, NPR’s Planet Money team ponders the question of why money has value.

Water & Power: A California Heist

Executive Producer | Jigsaw Productions
Festival Run & Theatrical Distribution 

This feature documentary explores a rich tale of water barons and backroom deals in drought-plagued California, leaving everyday Americans with their taps running dry and the nation’s agriculture at risk. Dir: Marina Zenovich.

Life on the Outside

Director, Producer, Writer

​National Geographic Television

After 14 years in prison, convicted armed robber Donovon Green is getting released, but his first 90 days of life on the outside prove to be even tougher than the violent world he’s leaving behind.


Showrunner, Executive Producer 

Left/Right Productions | Netflix

Six one-hour films investigating the world’s most popular wellness trends. Through character-driven storytelling, each episode explores the facts, the fads, the hype, and the hope of an industry that often favors headlines over science.

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End Polio​

Director, Executive Producer 

Lucky 8 TV | United Nations

Shot in Somalia and across India, these short films highlight the story of the polio vaccine and UNICEF’s mission to eradicate the disease, from production to distribution in even the most remote corners of the world.

Defiant Requiem

Field Producer | Partisan Pictures

Theatrical Distribution & PBS, BBC4 &    France Télévisions

A feature-length documentary about the artistic uprising at the Nazi concentration camp, Terezin. Shot in Czech Republic.

Selected as part of DocuWeeks and nominated for two News & Doc EMMY Awards. 

wide-eyed productions

Inside Grand Central

Producer | Partisan Pictures

​​​National Geographic Television

A two-hour special on the hidden secrets, engineering marvels and colorful history of this iconic landmark.


Director, Series Producer 

Part2 Pictures | Oprah Winfrey Network 

Filmed on six continents, this epic series expands our view of belief and spirituality by revealing the common quest we are on as human beings. 

Inside the U.S. Secret Service

Producer | Partisan Pictures

​​​National Geographic Television

A two-hour special featuring the men and women who swear to protect the President at any cost. 

Lockdown: Tent City

Producer, Writer

​​​National Geographic Television

A series on the culture of prisons told through the eyes of inmates and officers. 

​This episode goes inside “America’s toughest Sheriff” Joe Arpaio’s pride and joy, known as Tent City, where inmates live in Korean Wart-era tents, are issued pink underwear and jailers’ stripes, eat green bologna, and work on chain gangs.

​Wrong Man

Director, Showrunner, Executive Producer  RadicalMedia | Starz

A 6-episode series by Joe Berlinger that brings together a team of experts to re-investigate three cases of possible wrongful conviction, shining light on systemic cracks in the criminal justice system.


Exposé: America’s Investigative Reports – Question 7

Director, Producer, Writer


A pair of investigative journalists uncovers evidence that troops with serious psychological problems are falling through the cracks and being sent into combat by the U.S. military.

Alaska Bush Troopers

Producer, Writer

​​​National Geographic Television

In the Alaskan outback, alcohol abuse is devastating communities and sending crime rates through the roof. Enforcing the law in this vast and nearly road-less region presents extreme challenges for Alaska bush troopers.


Showrunner, Executive Producer 

Jigsaw Productions |​ National Geographic  

A 3-part limited series on the global water crisis that investigates the power struggles, corruption and conflict playing out against the ticking clock of our water-limited future.

EMMY Award nomination: 

Outstanding Investigative Documentary